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Sale of  Widhayes in 1779

It was reported in the Exeter & Flying Post of May 1779 that the estate of the deceased Rev. Doctor Musgrave was to be sold and included not only a large house in Exeter but also property at Widhayes, Uplowman. If you look at the 1750 map (see map section) that the Rev Musgrave was shown at Widhayes.

“In one lot, or separately, in Fee, The Capital Mansion House of Widhays, (fit for the residence of a gentleman and family) with the gardens, farm and lands hereeto belonging; and the several other messuages, farm, and lands, called East & West Sellack, and Lands Mills, being a compact estate, containing upwards of 250 acres of very rich arable, meadow, and pasture land, in the several occupation of Charles Webster, Esq; Mr Thomas Chave, and Mr William Mills. The meadows, for a mile in length, may be floated at all times, with a rivulet of soft water; and there are about 17 acres of orchard, planted with the best cyder fruit trees, and a quantity of thriving timber trees.

In fee, Frank Pitts Cottage, in possession worth about £3 a year.  Neddicotts Old House Cottage, in reversion of one life; and Neddicotts New House Cottage, in reversion of one life, worth four guineas a year each.”


Uplowman Court Place sold 1834

Notice that Uplowman Court was also known as Court Place.

“To be sold in fee, by auction, on Tuesday 27 May at the Tunn Inn, in Tiverton, all that one Undivided monety of all that capital Farm, called

Court Place, otherwise Uplowman Court.

Situate in the parish of Uplowman, comprising a good Farm House, with a labourer’s cottage, barn, stables, Linhays, and all other necessary buildings for farming purposes, and 170 acres of very superior and highly productive orchard, meadow, pasture, and arable land, a considerable part being meadow and pasture.

Mr Badcosk, the tenant, will shew the estate. “

Western Times 3 May 1834


Property at Uplowman Crossways for sale 1823

To be sold by auction at the Three Tuns, Tiverton on Thursday, the 9th of October 1823, the undermentioned premises. In the parish of Uplowman, in one lot.

A Cottage and Blacksmith’s Shop, with a well-stocked Garden and Orchard, extending about 315 feet, fronting the road at Uplowman Crossway, about 5 miles from  Tiverton.  The above is held for the Residue Term of 1000 years, of which between 800 and 900 are unexpired.”

Exeter Flying Post  -2 October 1823


Whitnage and Chamberlains for sale in 1937

“A property at Uplowman, within easy distance of Blundell’s and other schools, will be offered at the Half Moon Hotel, Tiverton, by Messrs Knowlman.  It is Whitnage, a residence with tennis and other lawns, and 89 acres of land, together with a small farm, Chamberlains, adjoining Locks Farm and Green Gate are other properties which will be submitted.”

The Western Morning News  November 30 1937


Sanctuary Farm land sold 1919

“At the Palmerstone Hotel, Tiverton, yesterday, Mr N Cook offered several properties by auction.  Sanctuary Farm, Uplowman was offered in two lots.  The first, 16 acres of pasture land, let at £50, went for £1660 to Mr Pile of Wiveliscombe, who also bought other pasture land for £220.”

Exeter & Plymouth Gazette -28 May 1919


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