1890 New organ

Last evening in the ancient Church of Uplowman which nestles  in the romantic valley about five miles north of Tiverton, was opened a new  organ, subscribed for the  parishioners at a cost of £250.

The instrument has been built by Mr Henry Fincham, of 150,  Euston road, London, and its erection has occupied three months.

The stops are: – On the Great porgan; Open Dispasco,  Stopdiapsan, salcional, Flute Harmonic, cerno di Basserto and on the swell: Gamba,  lieblich Gedacht, Vax celeste, Vox Angelina, Principal and Oboe.

Then there are Pedal Organ, beurdon, and Lisblich Flute; and  the organ has also a coupler, swell, great swell, swell to pedal, great to  pedals, super-octave, and four composition pedals.

The organ has been very carefully voiced and suited to the  church, and produces a beautiful tone, unusually “mellow” for a new instrument.

On the outside is an artistically finished, the pipes being  bright metal, and the case pitch-pine.

 June 5 1890
The Western Times

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